You Have The Power To Change Stuff.

Your Chance To Make A Difference

Today I have a question for you.
What if YOU could Change the World?
What would you do?
There are a lot of things in the World that need changing. What would you choose?
As a species, humans can be pretty self-focussed.
We tend to want things for ourselves but we often overlook the interesting observation that the more you help others, the more help you get yourself.
Today I want to share with you about a book that I am currently reading.
You may have heard of it. And if you haven’t yet you certainly will hear about it soon.
And if you want, you have the chance to take part in something that will change the world.
The book is called “You Have The Power To Change Stuff”.
Or more accurately, the book is called “Chapter One”. The rest is a sub-heading of sorts.
And it’s no ordinary book.
It’s written by Daniel Flynn, an Australian 20-something entrepreneur with an incredible mindset and a will to change lives and change the world for the better.
The book is an account of the journey of the founders of the Thankyou brand, which started as “Thankyou Water” and is rapidly becoming one of the most well recognised brands in the marketplace.
But more than just another ‘business-success-story’ book, this read will help open your mind to what YOU can achieve if you give yourself permission to do so.
Property Investing is all about mindset. Business and relationships are too. The truely amazingly successful people all have something in common, and it’s the way they think.
You want to be a successful property investor? Get the right mindset. And then keep it. And how do you do that? Listen to and spend time around successful people, and read the right books.
If you want a piece of the mindset that enabled Daniel Flynn and his co-founders to create a multi-million-dollar brand that has literally helped save over a half a million lives, through food, water and sanitation – then you need to get a copy of this book.
And how much does this book cost, you ask?
The price is whatever you want to pay. (Huh?)
I told you it was no ordinary book. You get to set the price. So you have no excuse not to get a copy… Seriously, you need to check it out (see link below). These guys want to change the world.
If a bunch of teenage kids can start a company that within 6 years has generated over $3.7 million dollars and all WITHOUT investor funding, then you can achieve your property investing goals, whatever they are. You just need the right mindset.
Check out what it’s all about here:
Or don’t. It’s up to you. I know what I’m doing.
Get inspired.
To your success in property investing,
P.S. Did I tell you that the book has already sold (in the last 20 days) over 20,000 copies and is over half way to their goal of $1.2M in sales (a goal that you would think is unachievable). Check it out, and help reach the goal:
P.P.S. If you have already bought a copy, or if you get one now, after reading this post, do me a favour and add a comment to let me know.

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