The Importance of Giving – Part 2

To some people, “giving” might seem like an unusual topic for property investing and wealth creation – however the principle of giving is very under-rated in today’s commercial world, and I believe this is a leading reason for the troubles in the economy that we see today.

In this two part series we examine several principles of “giving” and in examples demonstrate the power of this important philosophy.

Giving to, or collecting for, Charity

Giving to charity or knocking on doors, fundraising from colleagues and friends probably seems a world away from being a successful business person, salesperson or entrepreneur. On the contrary, these examples illustrate truly valuable training that most people never experience.

Giving to charity promotes an abundance mentality – which oftentimes can be missing from our population when it comes to money. Having said this, Australia is blessed to be one of the most “giving” nations in the world, which is probably reflected in the generally positive society that we live in.

Those who have experienced Robert Kiyosaki’s CashFlow, will have seen the Charity card, and perhaps understand the importance of giving to receive. Many of today’s entrepreneurs work to fund their charities and their success is derived by the effort that they are inspired to contribute to a cause that is close to their heart. People who are unwilling to donate money to charity probably do not have the mindset to find ways to “create” money for themselves.

While door-knocking to collect for charities and fundraising initiatives perhaps do not sound like activities that would help an investor, there are in fact very valuable skills that are learnt from these activities. The first skill is the ability to ask for money. Many people feel “bad” asking others for money – perhaps because they are afraid they will be refused, they don’t deserve it, or don’t value themselves. Collecting for charity will reinforce that it is OK to ask, and deserve money, and in fact most people are more than willing to support such an effort. Those who say no are almost always polite, and you will find that receiving a no isn’t nearly as painful as you might expect.

Equally, door-knocking and asking for support of a charity is an excellent way to learn the sales skill of “cold calling”. Meeting a stranger face to face and speaking to someone we have never met, and then asking them for money can be a very daunting experience – but breaking through the negative thoughts and perceptions frees us up to be more effective at selling anything. After all if you can ask a stranger for a charitable donation (despite the fears you might feel) then surely you can ask a buyer or real estate agent for the price of your investment that you deserve. Guys, the same goes for asking a girl on a date – you never know, they might say yes!

While the primary beneficiary of these above examples is the charity who receives the money raised, in fact the true reward goes to collector, who gains invaluable skills and experience and mindset through their generous activities. Funnily enough, on top of this, collecting for charity tends to open doors to many more opportunities than just those mentioned above. Give it a go and be pleasantly surprised.


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