The Difference Between Having And Doing


Today I want to cover a fundamental thing that I think a lot of people just don’t seem to get…


This might come across as a bit obvious to you.


Or this blog might make no sense whatsoever.


And (not pointing any fingers) this might be especially hard for the Gen Y’s out there.


(I can say this because I’m on the cusp of Gen Y and Gen X – kind of a Gen X half-cast that doesn’t really fit in either category…)


I’m going to talk about the difference between ‘Having’ and ‘Doing’.


A lot of people I talk to (and I mean a LOT) say to me that they want to Have a successful property portfolio.


They want to Have a million dollars.


They want to Have a great job, and great relationships, and great looks (why not – if you’ve got a great job and a great relationship, you had might as well have a great body too…)


There is a lot of ‘having’ to be had…


But they struggle with the Doing.


They struggle with the hard things, or the easy-but-monotonous-or mundane things that need to be done, to achieve the things they want to achieve. So they stop trying. They give up on Property Investing. They give up on a relationship because it gets hard temporarily. They give up on a job, or an education course, or whatever… They stop before they succeed.


The truth is that you CAN Have all these things. But you need to be prepared to go out and DO what you need to do, to make these things happen.


Because mostly, no one else is going to them for you. (Everyone else is busy doing things for themselves).


When you really, honestly, 100% understand that in order to Have you need to Do first, something magic happens.


In fact two things happen – firstly you start to appreciate the things that you do have, that you (or someone else) worked hard to get for you. And secondly, you fully appreciate how you can get what you want – and you can set your priorities accordingly.


Instead of wanting Everything, you start to rationalise what it is that you REALLY want and really need, and what you need to do to get it.


Most people SAY they want to be a property investor and that they want to Have a million dollar property portfolio, but they either don’t know what it takes to get it (and haven’t spent the time or money to actually find out how to do it), or they aren’t really prepared to actually Do the work.


If you really want to be a successful property investor, or business person or anything – and if you can figure out how to get it – and if you can do what it takes to get it – then you CAN be successful. If you can’t, then you didn’t REALLY want it badly enough. Someone else wanted it more, and is probably doing it right now.


The real question is, what do you want, and are you prepared to Do what it takes? If you actually made the effort – maybe just a little bit more effort than you were prepared to do last time you tried – what could you achieve and how good would that be?


Success takes time, it often takes more effort and more money than people realise, and it often takes more perseverance than people realise as well.


But when you are old (60 years old, 70 years old, 80 years old, whatever) and when you are telling your stories to your grandkids about what you did when you were younger, and you can recount about the time you became a property millionaire, or bought a block of units, or developed a 4-townhouse site, or a sky-scraper, or went bungee jumping, or ran a marathon, or whatever it was you did, because you DID what you needed to do to be successful, then you will know that the effort, and the learning and the sacrifice and the perspiration were worth it…



What is it that you’ve not yet done, that you ACTUALLY do WANT to do, and if you just DID a little bit more, you COULD achieve?


A question worth asking…


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