Search Tools – The Secret To Finding Great Property Deals

Good search tools can dramatically improve an investors chances of finding and securing great deals, and also help to narrow down the areas where they want to be investing.
For most investors who are starting out, the way to locate deals is using online websites such as or These sites list properties by area, and criteria such as number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, car spaces etc. However, this is very limited information for an investor.
How much more useful would it be to search by rental yield, or properties where a seller is motivated to sell quickly and happy to drop the price, or where the seller will consider selling with vendor finance, or where a property has already been targeted as a potential for strata subdivison, or development???
In Australia and New Zealand, investors are very fortunate to be able to access a powerful search software that does exactly this – it has been described as “google search for property investors” and is used every day to create millions of dollars of profits for investors in Australia and internationally.
This software is not only great for finding deals, it also does property valuation, market price movement, and a host of other features.
We at Achieve Property have personally used this software to find deals generating hundreds of thousands of dollars profit.
We strongly recommend checking it out here. This link includes a 7-day trial for only $29 to test out this powerful tool.

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