Recommended Resources For Property Investors

There are many recommended resources to get you started on your property journey. A lot of these don’t cost much money or are books that will generally cost less than $30, or you can get from the library.
At such a lot cost, the value of the information in many of these books is priceless. It is said that the only thing that will change you from who you are today, is the people you meet and the books you read. If you want to be successful in investing and life, these recommended resources are a great place to start!
Our recommendation is to buy the books that you want to read. It is good to create a library which you can refer back to and good books often need to be read more than once – at least particular chapters if not the whole book.
And you can lend the books that resonate with you, to your friends, helping them as well.
It is also interesting to re-read a book several years into your investing journey (and with new insight) and often the book reads very differently!
Below you will find a list of books, resources and websites that offer information that the Achieve Property team and members have found useful, if not vital, in their education.
Leave us comments and do let us know if you have any recommendations of your own!

Resources coming soon!

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