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PriceFinder is one of the most valuable tools that anyone can use when buying a property – to ensure they have the most knowledge about that property going into the deal – and when assessing areas for property investing potential.

For this reason, PriceFinder is an important part of my Educated Investor Membership Package.


Now, I know that some investors will want to access PriceFinder but feel that they don’t need the knowledge base or all of the videos and downloads in my full membership package.

I understand this – sometimes you don’t want to pay for tools that you don’t think you’ll need.


Because I am all for helping every investor to achieve success in property investing, I also have on offer, a PriceFinder-Limited membership which includes some of the tools, but not everything in the full member package but includes full investor access to Pricefinder so you can get all the benefits of this software in your investing.


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If you are interested in our PriceFinder-Limited membership, this is what you will get:


1. 12 Months exclusive access to the incredibly valuable online property valuation and marketing tool PriceFinder. $2,310 Value


With PriceFinder you’ll be able to negotiate, buy and sell with confidence as using this tool you will learn details about each property that others don’t know, giving you a unique advantage in your negotiations and potentially saving or making you tens of thousands of dollars during the process.


When you’re buying, PriceFinder gives you a range of tools to help your purchase. You will discover the vendor’s purchase price – so you’ll know what they paid when they bought – this gives you an upper hand in negotiations. You will see prior sale histories, work out a property’s market value, see comparative sales, know its market rent, assess the property for development potential and much more. All this helps you understand a property’s true value and recognize a great property deal when you find one.


When you’re selling, PriceFinder lets you see what your sales price is likely to be, comparing to others in the immediate area, so you’ll never have to inadvertently accept an offer that’s below your property’s value, potentially earning you tens of thousands of extra dollars at sales time.


If you’re looking for properties to renovate, PriceFinder lets you peer into comparative properties in the area and view internal photos of recent sales allowing you to accurately judge what your property will be worth after your reno is done. This could make you tens of thousands of dollars. (Or help you avoid a big mistake)


Renting a property? Know what your property is worth to rent, and ensure that you are renting it for the optimal rent. This could make you thousands of dollars in extra rent every year.


Deciding where to invest? See market trends and help work out the best area for your next property purchases. This could help you pick the next boom area, make money and not risk making a bad investing decision.


2. PriceFinder Investor Secrets eBook. $69 Value


I wrote PriceFinder Investor Secrets eBook to share the tips on how I’ve learnt to use PriceFinder like a Professional saving me thousands of dollars and countless hours of time investing. I share tips and techniques I’ve used to find little gems that continue to pay me positive cashflow, as well as making me chunks of cash.


If you know how to use it right, this market-leading software can save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, and it can make you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars when buying, selling, renting, and developing or renovating property.


Easy-to-understand, my PriceFinder Investor Secrets eBook details how to use PriceFinder throughout your property investing to optimise the return from your propert portfolio.


3. FULL Access To My Exclusive PriceFinder Training Videos.


And if you thought the PriceFinder Investor Secrets eBook was good, I had to go one step further. Not only do I give you eBook, but I’ve also recorded a series comprehensive training videos completely on PriceFinder and how I use PriceFinder in my investing.


I cover how to find the best deals, how to quickly assess deals I come across to decide if they are worth pursuing, how to assess areas, how to use PriceFinder throughout the lifespan of your investment portfolio to get the best returns from your properties. Use just one tip from the selection of help I have on offer, and you’ll likely pay off the course of your 12 months membership from the money you make, or save, using any one of my strategies.


My videos make using the PriceFinder Software easy and save you years of learning how to do it yourself, from people who aren’t active investors. Learn from a pro and see for yourself how your investing will improve with the best software and the best teaching.



4. Limited Access To My Educated Investor Members Only Area.


I want to give you as much as I can, for the discounted price you are paying for the PriceFinder-Limited membership.

So I will also give you access inside the exclusive Educated Investor members area to a variety of the tools and resources that I share with my members to help them in their property investing journey.

a) Downloadable worksheets. Access a number of my worksheets, templates and calculators

b) Video Library. See a selection of videos including my PriceFinder videos – these will be invaluable if you are using the software!


Access to PriceFinder ALONE is valued at $2,310 and can save you or make you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on your next property purchase – and in managing or selling properties in your portfolio.


With my training videos and free eBook you will get even better value from your PriceFinder access – and all for only $829 per year, or just $239 per quarter.


Don’t risk buying your next property, ill-equipped, without the right tools.


For a fraction of the cost of the stamp duty you’ll likely pay when you buy your property, you can get ALL the data you need to make an EDUCATED buying decision.


And it’s 100% money-back guaranteed for 90 days (everything we offer here at Achieve Property is).


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