Positive Thinking In The New Decade

If there was one defining quality that separates successful individuals from those who never manage to achieve to the same level, I believe it is positive self-belief. If we do not believe that something can be achieved, then often we will give up and stop, or not even try – and in the face of these two situations it is very hard to be successful!

Are there areas in your life that deep-down, you do not believe you can be successful in? Are these limiting beliefs preventing you from attempting something that could lead to success? Maybe this applies to property investing, or maybe it applies to some other area of your life? If there is something that you believe you cannot do, but you want to, then this blog might give you some tips on how to get started addressing these issues.

In the words of Buddah, “What we think, we become”.

There are several reasons people doubt their ability to achieve, and there are ways to overcome each of these.

1. Lack of knowledge

If you consider your reason for lack of belief is due to lack of knowledge on how to achieve this particular goal, then the solution is simple – get educated. As a property investor this may mean reading books, attending events and courses, speaking to other investors, etc. By learning the technical information you will soon discover how to achieve what it is you want to do.

2. Self-limiting belief

Are you aware of the “little voice” in your head giving good (and sometimes bad) advice? Everyone has one. This “little voice” helps by protecting us from making bad mistakes, but sometimes, through fear, it can prevent us achieving success as well. The best way to overcome this is to be rational, and ask yourself – “If I don’t believe I can do this, is what I am trying to achieve something that other normal people with the same knowledge and experience as I can achieve?” If the answer is yes, then it’s likely that fear (rather than danger) is holding you back. Read on to see some of the ways to overcome self-limiting beliefs

3. Cannot see the “big picture”

Sometimes we have the knowledge and even the understanding and self-assurance to be successful, but a lack of being able to see how things will unfold stops us from starting, or holds us back. This is where planning and longer-term thinking are vitally important. Work out what is your end goal. Work backwards to determine what you need to achieve to get to that goal in the timeframe you have set. Work with spreadsheets, simulators, Gantt charts, plans etc to clearly map out exactly what is required to reach your targets. Don’t just look at time and work involved in the project but also financing, resources, people involved etc. And be realistic in your planning. For investors who are starting out or trying to grow, Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow is an excellent place to start. Come and attend one of our WealthSchool meetings to find out more.

It is difficult to remain positive when everything seems to be going wrong, or when those around us impart their negativity on to us.

Depression and negativity can occur when we keep being blocked in an area in our lives, when are repeatedly being told “no”, and when we feel abandoned – whether this is on a relationship level, a social level, at work, or in other areas of our lives.

Consequently, it is difficult to be positive about property investing (or anything else) when we are surrounded by other negative influences in our life. If the negative influences are people, then it may be best that we do not discuss the topics in question with them, for which they voice their negativity.

Where the negativity is linked to a specific issue in our life, we may need to resolve this issue, before we can move forward in other areas. I strongly believe that we have the ability to resolve our own issues – it is up to us to make the decisions necessary to move forward. Sometimes the decision or the necessary action required is not easy, however it is great to be able to move forward once we have resolved whatever has been holding us back.

Equally, sometimes the things that we perceive as negative are in reality inconsequential (or even positives!), and it is how we interpret the event that is more significant. Sometimes (if not most of the time) things that appear bad, or appear to set us back are actually opportunities for us, if we chose to view them this way. When faced with adversity, it is worth “thinking outside the square” to see what opportunity may lie hidden in an apparently bad situation.

One exercise I find very useful is to reflect daily on the good things that have happened that day. Just before sleeping is a good time for this as it sets the subconscious into a good framework for positive thinking the following day.  By maintaining a positive attitude it is much easier to keep moving forward in our journey toward success.

Positive thinking is a vitally important skill that can take time and effort to develop but with the right focus we can encourage an attitude that will aid us in achieving our goals.

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