Play Cashflow The Game

For Property Investors and those seeking financial freedom, one of the most valuable things you can do is to participate in a Cashflow® group regularly (once a month). 
For those who know Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, he is also the creator of the Cashflow boardgame (a property investing simulator). This game has often been referred to as “monopoly on steroids” and truly is a property investing simulator, designed to help investors create the mindset to grow a multi-million dollar portfolio.
Just as an airline pilot needs to spend hours in a flight simulator before flying a real plane and as surgeons need to practice their surgical skills before operating on real patients, so too do property investors need to develop the skills for investing, BEFORE buying a large portfolio in real life.
The successful multi-millionaire investors and property investing coaches all recommend playing Cashflow® regularly to gain the skills needed.
Now there are various online games available and you can play on your computer with people anywhere in the world. However, the best way to learn Cashflow® is with a live group, of real investors who are doing real property deals in the market today. For many of these people, at least some of them have larger portfolios in real life than they accumulate in the game!

If you are in Melbourne, Australia you have the chance to
attend Achieve Property’s Cashflow group.

This is a limited group of investors learning and practicing the mindset
for investing, with Mark Kelman.


To contact us about this opportunity, email now us at


We also recommend the Sydney Cashflow Club
(tell them you were referred by Achieve Property)


If you are elsewhere in Australia, register in your state at and contact the organizers
for details on Cashflow games in your area.


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