How To Find Property Investor Finance

One of the most challenging aspects of investing and business is finding the funding for your projects. The more creative you can be in finding finance, the more successful you will become. However, there are numerous traditional ways to find finance, and these are covered below.

Finance brokers

Finance brokers are an excellent, time-efficient and cost-effective way for investors to find competitive finance. Finance brokers are paid by the institutions they find finance for, so they do not cost the investor any more (remember the cost of the broker has already been incorporated into the cost of the loan you are getting!).

You will want to find a good broker, things to look out for in a broker include:
A broker must be accredited, and in some states, licensed.
A broker must have professional indemnity insurance
A broker must be a good communicator
A broker must be able to get your finance

All your advisors should return your calls / emails promptly, and provide the service they promise. Remember they are working for you, you’re not the one working for them!

One of the best ways to find a broker is by recommendation. Fellow investors can recommend brokers that have been successful for them in the past.

Finance institutes

Finance institutes such as Banks, Building Societies and Credit Unions provide an excellent source of conventional income. Mortgage Brokers (mentioned above) may provide a better way to sort through the multitude of finance institutes available, however you can sometimes negotiate a better deal with a local bank or institute, depending on what you are financing. For example, a local bank manager who has a relationship with a local valuer may be more likely to grant a loan than a distant bank with no knowledge of the area you are investing in.

When it comes to having finance granted from a finance institute, the process is all about “ticking boxes” (eg the borrower meeting the right criteria for that institute). Different banks and institutes have different criteria, so being rejected by one institute should encourage the borrower to try another – don’t just give up, especially if there is considerable profit in the deal you are trying to finance. Mortgage brokers can help, as they generally know which boxes the different institutes need to tick to grant finance.


Family (eg parents and grandparents) can be an excellent source of finance, or security / guarantees for investing, especially when starting out. Deposit loans, partnerships, or provision of a guarantee can be really effective means of getting started if you have limited finance yourself.

HOWEVER caution must be exercised when investing with family – wealth creation is as much about relationships as financial success and it is sad to see families break apart over money. Relationships can be delicate, and while money can be replaced, many relationships within families have been destroyed by poorly communicated financial arrangements.

Especially when starting new investments, acknowledge that things will usually not go to plan, and ensure that any finance from family is recorded in writing as a loan agreement, so that all parties know exactly where they sit. Ensure to include time-frames, and conditions for “what to do if something goes wrong”. It is worth seeking advice from professionals (solicitors and accountants) before investing with family and if you have any doubts, perhaps there is a better strategy available. If everyone agrees and work together, then this can be a great method of finance and an excellent wealth creation strategy.

One final note – it is just as important to pay a family member back on time, as it is to pay back a private financial institute. Even if your family member disagrees, stick to the original terms (or else re-draft the agreement).

Joint Venture (Finance) Partners

Joint venture (finance) partners are one step further removed from simply investing with family – as this arrangement involves generally two unrelated parties.

In a joint venture (finance) arrangement, one partner provides the time, sources the investment and generally manages the project while another provides the finance. There are many ways to go about financing a deal, and the scope of this article is simply to draw attention to JV partners as a potential source of finance.

As with family, a JV document or private loan agreement should be drawn up in conjunction with a solicitor, and all the appropriate clauses must be included. There are many risks involved with partnerships so the appropriate advice needs to be sought, but if done correctly, a JV partnership can be an excellent means to faster wealth creation.


So Where To From Here?

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