The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of A Renovation Project


A Real Block-Renovation Project Happening Right NOW. Check it out now!


It’s not often I get to share my property investing deals live with my members.
But I have a project on the go right now that is a bit different to what I usually do, and you have the chance to see just what a real block-renovation deal looks like (the good, the bad and the ugly!) as it progresses!
Now for those who were with me back in Dec 2014 (so nearly 2 years ago) this is when the story first began, and this block was purchased in a Joint Venture, in a large regional centre, with the goal to hold cashflow-positive, then renovate and sell.
It was a solid double-brick property, in a great location in a regional town with a really strong local economy, and one of the NSW government’s EVOcities. So a good find, and we’ve had some good growth and good cashflow while we’ve been holding on to the deal.
But two years on, and the holding period is over, and it’s time now to reno and sell 🙂
Well the project took a bit of a twist when a keen, creative sales agent approached me and my JV partner and suggested why don’t we turn this into a community-project where we get the local community behind it and:

  • Raise some good money for a much deserving local charity (which we were both very amenable to the idea of)
  • Raise awareness and promote some great local businesses who would come on board and
  • Help promote the area as a good place for property investing.

This sounded crazy enough that we were interested.
So, after MUCH planning, the renovating has begun and our AMAZING team now have less than a week to transform a rundown block of 4 units in Albury into a prime high-yielding investment which will go to auction on 12th November.
No turning back now!
And I’m inviting everyone to watch as the fun (and hard work) unfolds.
It’s all being broadcast live on Facebook and our project’s website (details below).
TV, radio, news and a range of others have also come on board to support so you may hear of this from a few other channels, but you heard it first from me 🙂
So – join in the project from the comfort of your laptop or mobile device. See what is involved with a reno of this scale!
All I ask is that you ‘Like’ our projects Facebook page to help support our team of renovators and the community behind it.
A few Facebook ‘Likes’ and a few positive comments will go a long way to helping us achieve our goals.
And trust me, it’s a big project and your support will really help everyone to generate an incredible result and to raise some much-needed funds for a very deserving charity that helps the homeless in the local area.
The charity we are raising money for is called, Carevan, and you check it out  heretoo.
Now, taking these kind of projects on is not for the faint-hearted! We’ve already had some surprises – good and bad – and everything is up for show, on our Facebook page.
So have a look now and see just what is needed to make this kind of project work.
The Facebook page for this project is
Do check it out. Please ‘Like’ the page. Please ‘Like’ and comment on the posts as we progress. 
Throw your support behind a great project that a lot of people are working very hard for, to raise for a great cause.
More news coming as the project unfolds!
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