At Achieve Property we host a range of events, Australia-wide, designed to help everyday
Australians successfully get started, or move forwards in their property investing faster.


We believe that property investing education should be affordable and high-quality
so that everyone can improve their financial education.


If you are wanting to grow as a property investor, check out our next event near you.


With a range of seminars, workshops, and other products,
we can help you become a better property investor.


Property Meetings

Property meetings are the number one venue for meeting other investors who are active in the market right now, and learning new strategies and techniques from experienced presenters. Meetings provide an opportunity for networking with friends and colleagues who could become future JV partners, and “talking property” in an environment that is welcoming and friendly! Attending meetings is a great way to keep up the momentum you need for success in investing and our meetings are very well attended.



Cashflow Event Workshops

Cashflow Event workshops offer a unique opportunity for members to discover – or practice – the mindset needed to quickly grow a multi-million dollar property investing portfolio. “Cashflow” is a property-investing simulator event where you experience 4 years worth of successful investing in a matter of hours. The lessons and mindset learnt here, with others, is invaluable. Mark Kelman “escaped the rat-race” by building a profitable property investing portfolio generating enough income that he was able to quit his day job. And he attributes much of his success to the lessons he learnt from Cashflow.



Exclusive Seminars

From time to time, Achieve Property runs EXCLUSIVE Property Investing Training Events for members and the public. These are not done often, so be sure to catch the next one, when it is announced. Don’t Miss Out on your chance to learn from some of Australia’s most sharing, successful property investors, who have reached financial freedom through their property investing!

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