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Hi I’m Mark Kelman and without doubt investing in property is one of THE best ways to create wealth and financial security for yourself and your family. However with so much misinformation around it’s hard to know who to listen too and who to avoid when it comes to property investment advice.


Like any other investment class, building a property portfolio can be extremely profitable IF you’re investing with the right knowledge, resources and advice.


As an Educated Investor Member you’ll learn that with the right advice, the right knowledge and plenty of ground work, profitable property investment deals can still be found.


With my guidance you’ll not only learn how to find these great property deals but also how to engage with real estate agents and vendors to negotiate the most favorable terms for yourself.

As An Educated Investor Member You’ll Get:

  • Access to property market trends and establish property valuations before buying
  • Learn how to find historical sales prices and figure out the correct market rent for properties
  • Be able to accurately calculate the post-renovation value of a property
  • Be able to view growth charts for suburbs right across Australia
  • Know what the vendor paid for the house they are selling
  • Be able to network and build partnerships with other like minded investors
  • Discover the hidden secrets and profitable techniques of highly experienced property investors
  • Be able to negotiate property deals with confidence
  • Be able to locate great property deals
  • Know where to go and who to ask for advanced property investing advice


Educated Investor Members Receive:

1. 12 Months exclusive access to the incredibly valuable online property valuation and marketing tool PriceFinder. $2,310 Value


With PriceFinder you’ll be able to negotiate, buy and sell with confidence as using this tool you will learn details about each property that others don’t know, giving you a unique advantage in your negotiations and potentially saving or making you tens of thousands of dollars during the process.


When you’re buying, PriceFinder gives you a range of tools to help your purchase. You will discover the vendor’s purchase price – so you’ll know what they paid when they bought – this gives you an upper hand in negotiations. You will see prior sale histories, work out a property’s market value, see comparative sales, know its market rent, assess the property for development potential and much more. All this helps you understand a property’s true value and recognize a great property deal when you find one.


When you’re selling, PriceFinder lets you see what your sales price is likely to be, comparing to others in the immediate area, so you’ll never have to inadvertently accept an offer that’s below your property’s value, potentially earning you tens of thousands of extra dollars at sales time.


If you’re looking for properties to renovate, PriceFinder lets you peer into comparative properties in the area and view internal photos of recent sales allowing you to accurately judge what your property will be worth after your reno is done. This could make you tens of thousands of dollars. (Or help you avoid a big mistake)


Renting a property? Know what your property is worth to rent, and ensure that you are renting it for the optimal rent. This could make you thousands of dollars in extra rent every year.


Deciding where to invest? See market trends and help work out the best area for your next property purchases. This could help you pick the next boom area, make money and not risk making a bad investing decision.


2. PriceFinder Investor Secrets eBook. $69 Value


I wrote PriceFinder Investor Secrets eBook to share the tips on how I’ve learnt to use PriceFinder like a Professional saving me thousands of dollars and countless hours of time investing. I share tips and techniques I’ve used to find little gems that continue to pay me positive cashflow, as well as making me chunks of cash.


If you know how to use it right, this market-leading software can save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, and it can make you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars when buying, selling, renting, and developing or renovating property.


Easy-to-understand, my PriceFinder Investor Secrets eBook details how to use PriceFinder throughout your property investing to optimise the return from your propert portfolio.


3. 1 x FREE Ticket To A LIVE Property Investor Meeting. $20 Value


Property Meetings are essential networking and education events for astute property investors.


Running monthly in most states of Australia, you can hear investors in the current market share their stories, with guest speakers who tell their secrets of how they successfully invest in real estate, and you can meet other active investors who regularly attend the meetings.


Investor experience ranges from experienced millionaire property investors and developers right down to complete newbies! Everyone is welcome and everyone feels comfortable at the meetings.


Your first ticket is FREE when you join.


4. Ongoing Access To My Educated Investor Members Only Area. $1,579 Value


Inside the exclusive Educated Investor members area you will find the tools and resources you need to start your property investment journey and grow your property portfolio with confidence.


a) Downloadable worksheets. Templates, calculators and question guides are all here to assist you with your property hunting and negotiating. With all of the essential property research and negotiating tools at your fingertips, you will have a distinct advantage over rival property hunters and building your property portfolio will be faster and more organised.


b) Video Library. As a speaker I have many slideshow presentations that I’ve turned into information rich video presentations. And the library is growing all the time. From my own property deals and strategies, the Educated Investor video library contains thousands of dollars worth of knowledge, tips, trial & errors stories and successful ways to quickly grow your portfolio. This one resource alone is easily worth the price of admission to become a member.


c) Free copy of my latest book ‘Become A Property Millionaire In Your Spare Time’. All new members receive a FREE copy of my book.


5. Members Only Question & Answer KnowledgeBase $1,899 Value


As a member of Educated Investor you have the opportunity to send in your questions and have them answered and posted in the members Q&A KnowledgeBase for the benefit of all members.


Questions that have been previously answered are posted inside the Q&A KnowledgeBase providing a valuable resource for new investors to get many common and not so common questions answered.


And unlike other forums, our Members Only KnowledgeBase won’t just tell you opinions and answers but will teach you how to think and act like an investor, and where to find answers for yourself.


The total value of my Educated Investor Membership is $5,597

How do you put a price on the knowledge and tools that can assist a rookie investor to create a million dollar investment portfolio that continues to grow and pay them dividends for the rest of their life? Put simply, you can’t put a price on this kind of information.

I know what it feels like to be skeptical and not sure who you can trust to provide you with REAL knowledge that helps you achieve the goals you have for yourself. That’s exactly how I was.

I’ve seen many people spend precious money and countless hours on training products, some of them from big name investment gurus, and not get the results they wanted.

The truth is that I am passionate about property investing and I want to encourage everyone to get started on their property investing journey the right way so I am giving away all my knowledge for almost nothing.

Seeing how the PriceFinder tool ALONE is worth over $2000 and NOT TO MENTION the thousands of dollars of value of all my resources and knowledgebase… Over TEN YEARS of property investing experience available to all my members.

The total cost for all these tools could be over $5,597

But I’m making it available to everyone for only $1579.

If that sounds too cheap – really it is. But I want to help as many people as I can, and so I’m keeping the cost down for as long as I can.

I really do want every property investor to get started the right way, and with all the tools they need for investing success.

And if this is still too much for you – then I do have another option.


But first, I want to share with you the two very important reasons I’m making this so easily affordable.

Firstly I want EVERY single rookie investor to have KNOWLEDGE that they can build a property portfolio worth MILLIONS, and to reach the wealth goals they have for themselves and their families. I want everyone to know that solutions do exist that can take you to WHEREVER you want to go in life and that these solutions are within reach at a price that is very reasonable.

AND at the same time, I want to show you I am truly here to teach you, and guide you along the path to true success and freedom and that the skills you need to become an successful property investor are simple to implement and easy to apply.

That is the most important thing to me. And that’s why I want to give you so much value right now, for the most affordable price I can.



Click BELOW To Become An Educated Investor Member NOW!

Now I want this to be easy for everyone, so to make things even simpler, at the end of your membership payment period, we will automatically bill you for the next cycle (no need to have to manually re-register). Your membership will keep going for as long as you want. And as long as you are buying, holding or selling property this will be great value for you!


So there you have it, I’m giving away ALL my knowledge and tools to you inside the Educated Investor Program for less than the cost of the stamp duty payable on an average investment property.

And to give you an idea – if you buy just one investment property this year by using my tools and strategies, and you negotiate the price of the property for just 2% less, then you’ve probably already more than doubled your return on investing in my tools and training. And I KNOW you can do much better.


But TRUST ME, this price can’t stay this way for long. In fact, due to costs I’m incurring to run this program, and the added value that is coming for the membership, I will have to put the price up soon. Maybe in the next few weeks.

This program has literally cost me tens of thousands of dollars and more than 10 years to accumulate and is being used by investors every day to build their multi-million dollar property investing portfolios.


Nevertheless, you can get your hands on my EXCLUSIVE Educated Investor trainings and resources plus ALL the additional bonuses valued at over $5,597 right now for ONLY $1579 dollars.





Now I want to help you be very sure that this is the right step forward for you and your investing. So I’m willing to 100% guarantee your membership for 90 days. You couldn’t get a fairer offer than that. If you don’t flat out LOVE the information I’m sharing with you. If you don’t flat out save money on your next property investment deal and grow a more successful property portfolio because of it…

Then send me an email and I’ll refund your $1,579 instantly. On top of it, you can keep my book and any other downloads you would have received as my gift to you, just because you deserve them.


I want your membership to be the best investment you’ve ever made. Because by becoming an Educated Investor member today you’ve got an INFINITE amount to gain.




So if you are ready to become an Educated Investor member right now, and finally put yourself on a path of GENUINE solutions and true wealth creation like the most cutting edge property investors of today so you have the opportunity to make far more money and much sooner from your very own property portfolio


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The truth is that success is NOT as difficult as most people make it out to be. In fact, its quite simple.


You find out what REALLY works for you to build a multi million dollar property portfolio.

You perform those actions on a daily basis.

AND you just don’t ever STOP.


It’s really that simple. When you’ve got the right knowledge, and when you KNOW the right actions to perform, you can achieve ANYTHING you want in life.

All You Have To Do Is KEEP GOING!


With the knowledge you’ve now got access to as an Educated Investor Member you have the clear path and blueprint you can easily walk down to become massively successful as a property investor.

Grab your spot inside the members area, and the next time we chat we’ll be having an ENTIRELY different conversation.


Yours In Successful Property Investing

Mark Kelman



P.S. As if $1,279 wasn’t ridiculous enough to get your hands on this knowledge and tools, I’ve removed all the risk with an unconditional 100% money back guarantee.

I flat out don’t mind what it is, if you’re not in LOVE with this program you’re getting your money back. You’ve literally got nothing to lose and the world to gain.

P.P.S. And just as a side note, I would move QUICKLY on this offer. Not only will I be increasing the price soon but you DEFINITELY are going to want these advantages over your competition when you are next negotiating on a property.




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