Achieve Property provides services to members by provision of resources, tools, education, knowledge, information, consultations and referrals to 3rd parties, for the purpose of helping members to successfully get started in property investing and to move to the next level in their property investing.
In the course of its business, Achieve Property may refer clients, members and visitors to 3rd party companies who may be an expert in their area, and may be able to provide specific financial advice or services. Some 3rd parties to whom members are referred to may have a financial services licence and may be able to give financial advice.
Achieve Property does not have an Australian financial services licence and does not give financial advice – only offers general comment and direction to members in the area of property investing.
In order to keep costs down for members, but to still offer a strong service to help members get started in property investing, Achieve Property may take commissions or other fees from some 3rd parties in the course of its business. In many cases, Achieve Property takes no commissions or fees and refers to 3rd parties simply for expertise and ability to help it’s members.
Achieve Property will only ever refer members to a 3rd party that has an exemplary track record and where we have a strong relationship with that 3rd party, and not based on any financial arrangement. Achieve Property strongly encourages feedback from members about 3rd parties to whom any referrals are made.
In the event that a member wishes to know if a 3rd party does have any financial arrangement with Achieve Property, that member is encouraged to ask the 3rd party directly to disclose the nature of any relationship they may have.
Last updated: December 24, 2014

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