Use The Fear

How to Stop Fear Holding You Back from Achieving Your Dreams   Fear is a funny thing.   One of its most insidious aspects is often often we don’t realise that it’s operating, so we aren’t even aware that we have to overcome it in order to achieve our dreams.   Now if you are […]

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Ahn Do’s The Happiest Refugee & What It Can Teach Us About Investing

Anh is a Vietnamese immigrant and just happens to be one of the funniest guys in this country. His book is called “The Happiest Refugee” and if you haven’t read it, you need to. It’s an autobiography, and tells a great story of life, love, faith, conquering fear, and how a Vietnamese refugee became one of Australia’s most-loved comedians. He is also a successful entrepreneur and reading his story of success will inspire you to success of your own.

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The Reality Of Renovating For Profit

In the eyes of property investors, August 2011 will go down as a disappointing month for reality property television, as TV channels continue to bring out their renovation franchise shows, only to have them repeatedly end with mediocre results at best (in terms of profits). After months of watching houses being renovated with blood, sweat and tears, sadly, sales at auction leave much to be desired.

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