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Congratulations on reading Achieve Property’s premier Book, Become A Property Millionaire in Your Spare Time.
To make it easier for our readers, we have assembled all the bonus information links in one place. From here you can read the additional material referred to in the book, and find out how to access our recommended advisors and experts (who we at Achieve Property use in our investing).
And if you haven’t already, you can also Download Your Super Bonus Material Here. The bonus material items are three very useful tools that will help you move forwards faster in your investing!

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Using PriceFinder

Achieve Property Members are able to get a great deal on Australia’s #1 Tool for Real Estate Professionals – read on! PriceFinder is a Property Sale database, a Price Estimating tool and Growth Charting and Statistics package for real estate agents, valuers and property investors, all in one. As an investor, you need to be […]

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Property Meetings

Attending regular seminars on property investing will help you get started in several ways.  Firstly, you can start to form the mindset of a successful investor by being exposed to different investing techniques and this will get your conscious and subconscious mind working on how you want to achieve success in investing. Secondly, by networking […]

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Play Cashflow The Game

  For Property Investors and those seeking financial freedom, one of the most valuable things you can do is to participate in a Cashflow® group regularly (once a month).    For those who know Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, he is also the creator of the Cashflow boardgame (a property investing simulator). […]

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Partnerships For Property Investors

  A Partnership is a great way for investors who are starting out to leverage off each other in order to move forward faster in their investing. Most successful investors have used partnerships as a mean of accelerating their growth, at some stage.   However, Partnerships also come with issues. People don’t think the same. […]

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Advisors for Property Investors

  When investors are starting out, one of the hardest but most important things is to find a good team of advisors to assist in your investing. Most people have to do this by trial and error, and it generally takes 3-4 years to find the right team of accountants, solicitors/lawyers, finance brokers, mortgage brokers […]

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Insurance For Property Investors

  Property Insurance is vital for every investment property (in fact your bank probably won’t loan you your mortgage without it!) and besides you want cover in case anything happens to your property.   There are various levels of cover you can have (this will vary by insurers and countries) but generally include:   Building […]

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Property Valuation

 Being able to value property is an important task for an investor, before buying.   In my book, we discuss various methods to value property, including using an external valuer, real estate estimates and online software.   For anyone buying property, we recommend the following paid subscriptions. These tools enable the investor to determine the […]

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  Outsourcing is a vitally important part of being productive.   Especially when starting out, it can be difficult to outsource as we don’t know which things we should and shouldn’t do (and what we can give to others to do).   Also when starting out it is good to learn how to do things, […]

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Time Management

  Time management is topic covered extensively by books on personal development. Gaining control over your time is an important step towards financial and personal freedom.   Listed below are some recommended resources to help better manage your time – not only are these great books, these are the very books that WE have read, […]

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So what is Vendor Finance?

  Vendor finance is the term given to any property transaction where the vendor (seller) provides some of the finance (loan) on the property at the time of sale. There are many ways of doing this and probably new ways being developed even now.   The benefit to the buyer is that they won’t need […]

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Is there a generic brand of sildenafil?

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