Expand Your Awareness And Move Forward In Your Investing

Positive Thinking In The New Decade

If there was one defining quality that separates successful individuals from those who never manage to achieve to the same level, I believe it is positive self-belief. If we do not believe that something can be achieved, then often we will give up and stop, or not even try – and in the face of these two situations it is very hard to be successful!

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New Years Resolutions & The Importance Of Setting Goals

Goal setting is vital to success, particularly if you are aiming for something that is “a bit of a stretch” to achieve. Several philosophers have been quoted as saying “A Goal Without A Plan is Just a Dream” and I believe this could not be truer. A goal should be a target that you know you will achieve, because failure is not an option and success will happen if you leave nothing to chance.

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The Importance Of Giving – Part 1

During the grip of the recession and the Global Economic Crisis, many companies were faced with the reality of falling sales. Tough economic times call for tough decisions and across board rooms around Australia and the world, expenditure budgets were being cut as companies tried to reduce overheads to save profits, as the economy cooled and sales fell.

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Investing In US Tax Liens

With the US economy and particularly the US housing market in disarray, interest from investors from overseas, including Australia has increased with the number of foreclosures and emergency sales in the US dramatically adding to supply, now is a good time to look at US Tax Liens as an investment.

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Start Small & Grow Your Property Portfolio

When investing in property there is an element of risk due to lack of experience and a lack of property investing knowledge but you can reduce that risk by follow the simple Monopoly philosophy of 4 green houses, 1 red hotel.

However, the best way to learn is to get started and learn as you go, dealing with challenges as they come. Only ever invest what you can comfortably afford to lose, then you will always sleep at night.

Investment Property Risk

The risks of investing can be sizeable, and need to be considered when you are working out your starting strategies.

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