Become A Property Millionaire
In Your $pare Time


How to get started as a successful property investor. GUARANTEED.


Not everyone makes a success of property investing and this is often because they don’t make the right start. In this easy-to-follow guide to property investing, Mark Kelman shows you how you can successfully start your property investing journey – in your spare time!

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“… the investment you’ve made to aquire this book will assist you to reach your wealth creation goals, sooner and with less effort.”

Steve McKnight. #1 best-selling author. Professional investor. Expert property educator.



“… a must-read for anyone wanting to make the best possible start in property investing.”

Simon Buckingham, Professional investor, Mentor and Director of



“More money coming in than money going out is the key to successful property investing … in his book, Mark proves beyond reasonable doubt that it is the secret to building a property portfolio.”

Anthony J. Cordato, Property Lawyer


 only $37.45 (includes P&H)


Dear property investor colleague…

Are you just getting started on your property investing journey and worry about property prices rising or falling before you’ve have a chance to close your first deal?

Or have you hit a property investing ceiling where you’ve bought one or two properties but now you don’t know how to get any further?

It happens to everyone.
Many rookie property investors make fundamental investment mistakes when buying their first properties that can set them back both financially, and with the time it takes to recover. Mistakes that see most people only ever buying one or two investment properties in their lifetime – if they’re lucky.
In my book ‘Become A Property Millionaire In Your Spare Time’, I openly share property investing secrets that I’ve used to grow my multi-million-dollar property portfolio, in my spare time, around a full time job and other commitments, all in just a few short years.

Here’s what my book will teach you…

    • How to completely overcome even the most challenging roadblocks holding you back in your investing using knowledge and creative techniques to buy profitable deals today.


    • How to succeed in property investing by understanding why the traditional techniques don’t work and knowing the strategies that do work and when to use them.


    • How to put your hard-earned money into profitable deals and avoid wasting time and cash on bad investments – learn the right strategies for profitable investing.


    • You’ll learn the 14 CRITICAL FACTORS that hold investors back just as they’re getting going and how you can avoid the frustrations of failing in your early investing stages.


    • How to begin TODAY to growing a multi-million dollar property investment portfolio using my unique growth and hold strategies so you’ll never be limited to just one or two investment properties.



    I will also show you…


      • How to generate hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars in rent, using just this one simple strategy that costs nothing to implement.


      • You’ll discover my simple technique that practically guarantees you’ll never have tenants in arrears and they will always pay their rent on time or even in advance.


      • I’ll take you step-by-step through how to make your first property purchase empowering you to buy your first investment property with confidence.


      • How to keep your portfolio under control – whether it is a single property or twenty, using an easy system for managing your investments.


      • You’ll learn my 7 SUCCESSFUL TIPS to negotiating from a position of power.


    • How to speak to real estate agents like a pro and have them bringing you the best deals first.


    A wealth of property investment knowledge for only $37.45 (includes P&H)




    As an additional bonus when you purchase my new book from me today you will also receive…


    Twenty Rules for Successful Offers (valued at $79)

    In my Twenty Rules for Successful Offers I share the secrets to crafting your offer in such a way to make more money and improve your chance of offer success!

    What is the value of a negotiation that goes really well? Priceless.

    And for you it’s Free when you purchase my book ‘Become A Property Millionaire In Your Spare Time!’



    Book-keeping Made Easy spreadsheet (valued at $39)

    In my Book-keeping Made Easy spreadsheet I provide a simple spreadsheet to help you keep track of your first investments – before you start using more complex software like MYOB or XERO.

    Maybe you’ve already got something better. If not, it will save you hours of time designing your own spreadsheet.

    How much is your time worth?

    And for you, it’s Free!


    Our Exclusive Offer Template (valued at $49)

    In my Exclusive Offer Template, I provide the foundation for a successful written offer including the clauses I use in my offers for investments that I buy, and it’s completely customisable.

    Be viewed by real estate agents as a pro when you submit your offers.

    And for you, it’s Free!


    The Road Map To Grow Your
    Million-Dollar Portfolio

    As an additional bonus when you purchase my new book from me today you will also receive my BONUS CHAPTER “The Road Map to Grow Your Million-Dollar Portfolio”.

    In it I share the EXACT blueprint I have used and continue to use to build my property portfolio.

    It’s also yours FREE when you purchase my book today.



    100% Money Back Guarantee.

    If after reading through my book ‘Become A Property Millionaire In Your Spare Time’, you don’t flat out LOVE the information I’m sharing with you, and if after reading the entire book, you don’t believe that I’ve shown you how to successfully get started as a property investor…

    Then send me an email, with a proof of purchase, and I will personally refund the money you paid for it. And you can still keep the book.

    You can’t ask for a better deal than that. 🙂

    I look forward to helping you on your property investing journey!


    only $37.45 (includes P&H)



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